how much does a perm cost

How Much Does a Perm Cost?

Most people go for haircuts, extensions, or changing their color when they want to change their looks. But what about changing the texture of your hair through perming?

You might have thought about getting your hair permed. Before you decide to invest, it’s important to know how much cost is associated with perms, which offer straightforward and efficient alternatives to getting the hair you’ve always wanted.

This article will discuss the cost of your texture-changing service and everything you need to know about perming in depth. Let’s get started now!

How Much Does a Perm Cost? 

Just like other hair services, perms cost differently depending on the salon. A perm typically costs between $40 and $200 (though some perms are more expensive). Your location, your stylist’s expertise, and the length of your hair will influence the cost of a perm. Keep in mind that the range we’ve included does not necessarily reflect the actual price of your perm.

Hair Perming

It would be best if you did your homework first. You can start by comparing salon prices in your area or talking to your go-to stylist for help or advice with the service.

Factors Affecting The Perm Cost

Prices for perms vary based on several factors, including 

Your Hair’s Length And Thickness 

The longer and thicker your hair is, the more you can expect to pay for your perm. The price can also increase depending on the additional time the stylist will need to work on your hair. 

The Kind of Perm You Choose

There are different types of perms, and each has unique characteristics. However, the cost will increase proportionally to the amount of hair permed.

Your Particular Stylist And Salon

 Some stylists with a lot of experience doing perms charge more for their services. The same is true for stylists who work in big cities.


The perm cost will also be higher if you live in a region with high living costs. 

Extra Services

You will be required to pay an additional fee if you’re getting a color, cut, or style as an extra service in a situation like that.

How Much Do Various Perm Styles Cost?

The type of perm you select will significantly impact its cost. The perm styles can cost you between $40 and $800. The many different looks and techniques available are the reason for this wide range. 

Spiral perms, beach waves, and stacked perms are just a few examples of styles you can achieve with varying degrees of skill and expense. Keep reading if you want to know what kinds of perms are available and what each one entails!  

Spiral Perm ($80- $300)

Spiral perms create bouncy, tight curls of varying lengths and sizes. For this look, stylists typically use a cold perm solution.

Body Wave Perm ($40-$200+)

Body wave perms produce less bouncy, soft waves and require less upkeep than tight curls. It is used to produce waves that appear to be natural, and large rods are positioned throughout the hair.

Multi-Textured Perm ($50-$200+)

A stack of perm rods creates curls in a multi-textured perm. This perm can be applied to the middle or the ends of your hair and doesn’t require much styling or upkeep.

Digital Perm ($300-$500+)

One of the most cutting-edge retexturizing services is digital perm. It gives you waves that look natural and last up to a year.

Beach Wave Perm ($40-$200)

The beach wave perm looks like the chaotic waves you get from a day at the beach. People with long hair who want a low-maintenance style will love this look.

Spot / Partial Perm ($50-$80+)

A spot perm is a fantastic option if you have areas of thin hair or want more volume in certain areas. It can work with both tight and loose curls and requires little maintenance. You can achieve this look with either a hot or cold perm.

Volumizing Perm ($40-$150+)

The perm rods are removed for a volumizing perm before applying the neutralizer. Waves become softer and have more volume as a result. This appearance typically lasts up to a few months. 

Root Perm ($30-$150+)

Cold perming is used in a root perm to give hair volume at the roots. It uses less neutralizer or perm solution than other methods but needs some maintenance. This style is ideal for short hair because the weight of long hair can straighten the roots.  

Weave Perm ($45-$150+)

If you want your hair to have more volume, a weave perm will give it waves and body throughout.

Pin Curl Perm ($80-$100+)

Pin curl perm provides subtle, organic-looking curls. These curls are a fine choice for shorter hair because they cross between a wave and a curl.

Straight Perm ($50-$200+)

Straight perm, rather than curling, permanently straightens your hair. This perm is also known as a Korean magic perm, a Japanese straight perm, or a reverse perm.

Perm Cost By Hair Length

The cost of a perm for medium-length hair ranges from $60 to $200, while a perm for long hair ranges from $80 to $400. Because it requires the least amount of time to prepare and apply the perm rods, short hair is the least expensive and costs around $30 to $150. Long hair, on the other hand, necessitates more effort, time, and product.

Hair LengthAverage Cost
Long hair$80-$400
Medium hair$60-$200
Short hair$30-$150

How Much Does a Men’s Perm Cost?

The brand of the salon, the hair stylist’s reputation, and the number of hours you spend flawlessly perming your hair all play a significant role in determining the answer to this question.

How Much Does a Men's Perm Cost

However, the price of a perm can range anywhere from $30 to almost $150 for men who are big ‘hair fans’ having a penchant for perms.

The hairstylist will have to put in more effort for those who spend more money on their perms to keep their hair strong for longer.

In addition, the cost of a hair perm entirely depends on the kind you want at the salon. As a result, before attempting to achieve curly hair at home, you should talk to your hairstylist. 

6 Different Methods Of Perming

Alkaline, acid, exothermic, digital, dual-action, and organic techniques are available. The types of chemicals utilized, how they are administered, and how they influence hair to produce a curl all differ across these methods. The cost of these procedures is also influenced by their complexity, technical requirements, and tools. Below, we’ll go into greater detail about these techniques.

  • Alkaline or Cold Perm

Ammonium thioglycolate-based lotion or solution forms curls instead of heat in an alkaline or cold perm. This method makes curls last longer, but it could be better for thin or weak hair.

  • Acid or Hot Perm

Glyceryl monothioglycolate is used in acid or hot perms to unravel the hair’s disulfide bonds. After that, heat is used to shape your curls. Compared to other methods, this one is gentler on hair and takes longer to set.

  • Exothermic Perm

Exothermic perms generate chemical heat using either acid or alkaline. The hair shaft gets open through this allowing your stylist to curl your hair beautifully. This method is ideal for hair that resists other treatments. 

  • Digital Perms

It is based on digital perm rods that let stylists control how hot the hair is. These perms work exceptionally for tight and defined curls, but the rods are expensive and require frequent appointments.

  • Dual Action Perm

This method first makes the hair smooth and soft before using perm rods. After that, your stylist will assist with curling using a weak alkaline solution.

  • Organic Perm

Natural oils and other non-chemical solutions create curls in organic perms.

Pre-Perm Appointment Tips

If you’ve decided to get a perm, you probably want to know what you can do to prepare for the service.

Getting your hair ready can make all the difference between having beautiful curls and having fried, frizzy locks: Therefore, before your perm, you should do the following:

Show Reference Images to Your Stylist

Bring clear reference pictures to your stylist’s attention before scheduling your appointment. If you rely on your stylist’s style description, there is too much room for interpretation. Their definition of natural, loose, or bouncy curls might be different from yours. If you show a picture to your stylist, they will know exactly where to put your perm rods and can help you choose the right style.

Don’t go For A Perm If You Have Bleached Your Hair Recently

If you have recently had your hair bleached or lightened, perming will result in a mess of frizz rather than perfectly defined curls. Don’t perm bleached hair; wait a few months after getting your hair colored to get the best results.

Get A haircut After The Perm

If you intend to cut your hair, wait until you have already received your perm. In contrast to straight hair, curly hair lays differently and shrinks upward. Additionally, curly haircutting requires an entirely different approach than straight haircutting. Therefore, wait until you see your new curls before getting a haircut if you want it to highlight your new texture.

Be Ready to Spend Some Time in The Salon

Perms can take a long time to complete and are expensive. The exact amount of time will depend on your hair’s length, thickness, and the type of perm you select. On the other hand, you can anticipate spending at least a few hours in the salon.

Get Your New Hair Products Beforehand 

You’ll need to use products that work with your new texture after you perm your hair. Even though you might be tempted to purchase your post-perm products, it is best to do so in advance. In this manner, you will have ample time to investigate each option in detail and select the ones that will provide your strands with the necessary care. 

What To Expect When Getting A Perm?

A perm is a fantastic choice if you like the idea of getting curls without spending hours using a curling iron. People whose hair is curly may benefit from having their spots permed. Also, perms require a significant commitment. Therefore, you will need to exercise extreme caution when deciding whether or not to dive right in. The following are some advantages of getting a perm. 


  • It will provide the desired texture irrespective of your organic curl pattern. 
  • Perms can give your hair more body and volume.
  • Having your hair permed can make styling and maintaining it simpler.
  • They can make your curl pattern more uniform and give hair texture more cohesion.


Getting a perm can damage your hair, requiring more effort to maintain, and you must alter other aspects of your lifestyle to maintain it. Consider these cons when deciding whether a perm is right for you.

  • Chemical treatments like perms can cause hair to become dry and break.
  • Dryness and breakage are more common in curly hair.
  • There might be fewer styling options available to you than with virgin hair.
  • Perms can be costly and time-consuming, depending on the type chosen.
  • You’ll need to change your hair care routine because perms can require a lot of upkeep.
  • The following few days, you won’t be able to color, heat style, or wash your hair.

Perks of Professional Perming

The cost of a professional perm is well worth it because you are paying for the skill and expertise of your stylist. Salon specialists have already worked with perming chemicals and tools. Therefore, they can better protect your hair.

Even if your hair isn’t healthy enough for a perm, they can help you decide which style is best. A stylist can also advise you on products and hair care after your appointment to keep your curls intact and your hair in the best possible condition.  

Do perms damage hair
Old Style Hair Perming

If you don’t have the suitable size rollers, don’t know where to put them, don’t have the right perming solution, or your hair needs to be more vital to handle a perm, doing it yourself can be disastrous.

You’ll have to do a ton of prep to comprehend how every strategy functions and how you might accomplish your fantasy style. Curling the parts of your hair that are hard to see or reach can also be challenging.

It would help if you did not skimp on this service because excessive heat and chemicals can harm your hair and scalp. If you or your stylist don’t do a good job, you could end up with a look you don’t like.

Remember that perms are a bespoke service. Their prices can fluctuate depending on many different factors. Before you sit down at a stylist’s chair, it’s worth the extra effort to research different types of perms and local stylists.

Final Thoughts!

Many other local factors also influence the cost of a perm job. Also, when perming the hair, the hairstylists will use particular local ingredients and local specialties.

The perm cost may vary depending on these various factors. As a result, we recommend you gather feedback from locals about different salons, specialists, and the prices of perms in your area before choosing the best option.


How long does a perm last?

A perm can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you take care of it and your hair type.  

Do perms damage hair?

There is a possibility of damage because the chemicals used in a perm alter the structure of your hair. However, if done by a skilled professional, your perm shouldn’t harm your hair or cause it to fall out.

How frequently should you wash permed hair?

Avoid coloring or highlighting your hair for at least two weeks after your perm because the additional chemical treatment could stress and break your hair strands. Washing your permed hair once a week with warm water is sufficient, so treat it gently.

Is there any less damaging perm?

Digital perms are natural, as the waves or curls created by digital perms aren’t very tight. The alkaline ammonium thioglycolate used in cold perms is more aggressive than the acidic chemical used in most digital perms. It doesn’t damage the hair much, but it won’t last as long.

How much does a Korean perm cost?

Your hair length and the type of perm you want will typically determine the cost of your perm. It could be partial, which is less expensive, or complete, which costs more. The price can range anywhere from $40 to $200, depending on the hair salon.

However, women’s perms in Korea typically run between 100,000 and 200,000 won (77 to 154 dollars). They will charge more for longer hair. And men’s perms in Korea normally cost between 46 and 61 dollars, but this varies depending on the stylist and the hair salon.

What is the ideal age to get a perm?

Most professionals will only perm someone’s hair once they are 18 years old. However, if a child does not wish to wait until they become fully grown adults, a hair specialist suggests waiting until they are at least 16 years old to get their first perm.

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