What is the Correct Order to Apply Makeup?

What Is The Correct Order To Apply Makeup in 2023?

Makeup is a part of the everyday routine now. Many different product options are available with no correct order to apply makeup that can result in flakey makeup, cakey makeup, even makeup turning grey, and much more. Well, worry no more; we have got you covered now, read on to find the best order to apply makeup that is suitable for every skin type and gives a flawless finish.

1. Skincare

No matter how often you hear that skincare is an essential part of the makeup order, it is never enough. Skincare can take your makeup game to a whole new different level. It gives a flawless finish and glowy look and helps your makeup to stay much longer.

Following are some of the skincare steps that go with every skin type.

  • Cleanse your face with a good cleanser.
  • Apply a toner
  • Dab the moisturizer onto your skin gently
  • Use eye cream or eye-serums
  • Last but not least, Apply sunscreen

Skincare may feel a burden sometimes but add your skincare to your makeup routine daily to see the visible difference in your makeup look and skin. 

It reduces the chance of makeup flaking off or looking cakey. It makes your skin all ready for the next step. Just like an artist wants their canvas to be clean, the makeup artist needs perfectly prepped skin for the next steps.

2. Brows

Give the skin all the time it needs to absorb all the skin care products and do the brows till then. Brows can be done in various ways; some prefer gel brows, while others like their eyebrows bushier or naturally. Whatever one may prefer, make sure they are always on fleek and look like sisters, not twins (just a quick tip-wink!)


3. Primer

Once the skin is fully prepped and the brows are done, Primer is the next step. Prime your face with primers that go with your skin type the most. Few may need it for long-lasting effect, and many use it for a luminous, hydrated, and to enhance their foundations, while others use it to blur the pores and smooth their skin.

Primers are not only helpful for all the above-mentioned qualities, but they also help to decrease the production of oil throughout the day. It helps to brighten the skin and refines the texture of the skin, and helps in achieving a smooth makeup application.

4. Eye Makeup

Some may differ, but the safer next option has to be eye makeup. Complete the eye makeup, mascara application, liner, and lashes before doing your face to avoid any malfunction. Mascaras and liners may smudge and ruin your face makeup, or the eyeshadows may fall out during application. Do your eye makeup first.

5. Color Correction

Humans are not perfect. Everyone is born with different flaws that make them unique and beautiful. During makeup, colour corrects your problem areas, such as pigmentation, pimples, scars, or anything that one might think will turn grey if not corrected properly.

Color correction is another step in makeup that helps achieve a flawless look. Every colour is used differently for different purposes.

6. Concealer

Concealer aims to have all the coverage. Apply it on top of colour correction, under your eyes, around your nose and all the areas where one may need any sort of coverage; blend it with a makeup blender to have a seamless finish.

Some people use concealer to highlight the high points of the face as well, such as the bridge of the nose and upper lips or on their brow bones – if you’re one of them, that should be your step 9 after enhancing your facial features.

7. Foundation

Doing color correction and concealer before applying foundation results in less product and much coverage. Apply the foundation shade, not too dark or fair, according to your complexion. The right shade will make your skin look more flawless and beautiful.


Blend the foundation with a makeup blender and just dab the product instead of rubbing it all over your face – that will result in the makeup blender absorbing all the product instead of your skin.

8. Bronzing and Contouring

The face may seem a little flat after colour correcting, concealing, and application of foundation because all the features of your face are concealed or hidden under all that product. To bring life to your face and enhance your features, bronzing and contouring the face is the key.

Bronze and contour your face according to your shape with the right shade and see the difference. The bronzing and contouring will enhance your features and give your face a defined shape.

9. Blush and highlighter

To add a little pop of colour to your face, blush is your go-to product. Blush adds life to your cheeks and makes them pop out. There are different ways to apply the blush, and if you want to make your face look snatched or make your cheeks look chubbier, you have to follow different techniques to achieve that look. 

No matter which technique you follow, blush is always the best way to give a pop of colour to your face.

Highlighting your face’s high point enhances your facial features too. Highlight all the high points such as the bridge of your nose, brown bone, above your blush, upper lip, collar bones, foreheads and whatnot.

One can always go overboard with the blush and highlighting part if they know to pull that look off because, as they say, “how much blush is enough blush?”

10. Lips

One step closer to finishing the whole look, apply your lipstick to conclude your look. Pick a shade according to the whole look; it could be nude, plump red, glossy or matte. Outline your lips with a lip pencil and apply a colour of your choice.

11. Setting Powder and Setting spray:

Lastly, set your face with the setting powder and a face brush to make it sweat-free. Set your whole look with a setting spray to make it long-lasting and smudge-proof, and you’re ready to go!

Final Thoughts

These 11 steps makeup routine is the perfect order to apply your makeup quickly and has a flawless finish. You may skip some steps according to your makeup look, skip the primer, color correction, eye makeup (except mascara and liner – only if one prefers wearing them) and foundation if you are looking for a no-makeup look. However, skincare concealer and a good lip color paired with a little pop of colour on cheeks – blush goes with all the looks.

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