Can You Perm Bleached Hair

Can You Perm Bleached Hair? A Detailed Guide

You have recently bleached or dyed your hair, but they are flat, and the color looks meager. Do you consider perming it for an additional bounce in your hair? But! You also have every right to consider whether or not this is a good idea. 

It is very normal to lean toward a developing trend. However, perming your hair could be problematic if it has already received chemical treatment. To assist you, we can explain certain pre- and post-care treatments. Continue reading to find out whether and how you can perm your bleached hair and everything you need to know about prepping for and caring for your bleached hair after perming it.

What is perming?

Perming is a chemical procedure that modifies hair fiber structure. It alters the texture of the hair by adding waves or curls. It works best on people with thin, fine hair.


Unlike straightening, perming is a challenging and individualized technique. Depending on the kind and texture of hair, the techniques change. It would be best to use special precautions while perming colored or bleached hair.

Cold perm is the most popular technique. Heat is not needed for a cold perm. Instead, you have to wrap the hair around the rods. The hair is then treated with a chemical solution.

Can you perm bleached hair?

Perming bleached hair is seldom recommended, even though perms give you gorgeous curls. Perms restructure your hair’s inner and outer structures, resulting in new curls and causing permanent damage to your hair. 

Can You Perm Bleached hair

The outer layer of your hair must be blasted open for the bleach to boost your natural hair color by several shades. Even if there aren’t any visible physical signs right away, this process always results in harm. Your hair strands are highly susceptible to additional damage after bleaching because they are dryer than usual. Some people can damage their hair during or right after a bleaching session. 

You may have realized by this point that bleached hair has so far undergone a great deal of chemical processing; adding more to the mix could have disastrous effects. 

What might happen if you perm bleached hair?

Bleached hair can have several unfavorable effects when permed. Some effects will be minor, while others will be so significant that they completely ruin your hair. You will learn in this section what might happen to bleached hair if permed. 

Intense Hair Fall

The worst thing that could happen to your hair is to break off in your hands immediately or sometime after you perm it. Given that bleached hair is already severely damaged. Also, perming bleached hair has been linked to numerous horrifying tales of hair loss, and you certainly do not wish to face any such happenings.

Dry Hair

Even though you don’t experience hair fall, your hair could dry out and be nearly impossible to moisten. The structure of your hair is forever altered whenever you process it with bleach or other chemicals like relaxers and perms. It gets more porous, so its cuticles stay open and can’t hold on to moisture. As a result, hair becomes difficult to hydrate.

Take a strand of hair from the back of your head and stretch it for a quick hair strand test. If it breaks, moisture is needed. Make sure to use products that will maintain your hair’s natural oils and moisture content if you want that beautiful shine to last.

Split Ends

Over-Processed hair and split end work in tandem. You could have many split ends if you choose to perm your bleached hair. Additionally, if you do not treat them, the damaged ends may split.

Inevitable damages

You certainly have to deal with some damage in the end, so prepare for this. It’s possible that your hair’s bonds will break, and you’ll need a haircut sooner than you thought. Remember that your hair will be grown back no matter what.

How to perm bleached hair at a salon?

You can get colored hair-specific perming formulas from the market. Although these formulations are gentler than other perming solutions, they are pricey. Consult a hair professional before perming bleached and colored hair, and take note of the potential damage seriously.

Perming at salon

You can do it at home as well. Be sure to wait at least two to three weeks between coloring, bleaching, and perming. 

Follow the steps below to perm bleached hair effectively:

  1. First of all, clean the hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any dirt or oil.
  2. Dry the hair and use a brush to remove all tangles. Then, split the hair into evenly spaced sections.
  3. Take a thin strand from one section and wrap it over the curling rod with a rat-tail comb. Continue doing the same process with the other sections. 
  4. Take the perming solution, apply it to the rod, and let it sit for five minutes.
  5. Untangle the hair from one of the curling rods. Check the curls; if they are not as desired, leave them on the rod for an additional two minutes. 
  6. Wash the hair thoroughly with warm water after you notice S-shaped waves without removing the curling rods.
  7. Use a blow dryer to dry hair and then apply the neutralizing liquid to the rods.
  8. After ten minutes, rinse the solution out with warm water.
  9. Remove the rods gently after drying the hair. 
  10. Avoid brushing the hair. Wait for at least three days to shampoo your hair. 


To ensure the health of your hair and prevent damage, you must pass the chunk test before beginning the perming process.

How To Perm Bleached Hair at Home?

The perming process in the salon and at home is almost the same. You have to be extra careful while doing it at home.

You should always have a buddy for perming. Evenly perming your hair is nearly impossible If you do it yourself. In addition, your perm buddy should be relaxed and not prone to panicking when things go wrong.

You should use the best home perm kit for your hair type. The recent home perms use fewer harsh chemicals and are much simpler to take than their predecessors. However, selecting a high-quality kit appropriate for your hair can make all the difference.

Perm at home

Select the appropriate perm rods for your hair and desired style. Size-related color codes are used for perm rods. There have been guides written on the various colors and which rods should be used in which situations. Before selecting your perm rods, thoroughly investigate your alternatives. 

Tips for Before, During and After Perming

Hair that has been colored or bleached can be permed, but this is extremely risky for the health of your hair, and you need to be very careful. Perming damaged or dehydrated hair is not recommended. The strands of your hair are vulnerable to damage when you bleach or color it. As previously stated, perming also weakens your hair. It is not recommended to immediately perm your hair if you have recently dyed or bleached it. Give your damaged hair a few days or even a week to recover.

Hence, after going over the fundamentals of perming bleached hair, it’s time to move on to some helpful hints to ensure the best possible outcome. Some useful tips include:

Place a Timer Nearby

You don’t want your hair to over-bear harsh chemicals because it is already bleached. Therefore, set a timer every time you apply chemicals to your hair.

Hair is not Deliberately Breaking or Badly Damaged

To deal with already damaged hair, the best thing to do is figure out why and fix that first. Feel free to return to the topic of perms once your hair is in better shape.

Extreme Caution

People who are used to styling straighter hair may be rough with their new curls when getting a perm for the first time. Mechanical hair damage can occur in various ways when there is too much roughness, as after perming, your hair will be extremely fragile immediately.

So, we recommend using your fingers to detangle the hair knots and staying away from heat for the first few weeks at least. 

Moisture and Protein Routine

After you perm it, your hair probably won’t have enough protein in the middle. Additionally, since it was bleached, it may already have protein deficiencies. To make up for any protein lost during the perming process, ensure that you receive enough treatments for deep conditioning and protein treatments on occasion. 

How to care for a long-lasting perm?

The most crucial step in preventing your perm’s immediate failure is waiting at least 72 hours before applying water. Let your hair rest for a few days to allow the curls to set and prevent breaking the pattern of the curls.

A perm can dry out your hair, so moisturize it. Your stylist may suggest a nurturing conditioner or hair treatment to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

It is much more crucial to maintain hair hydrated after getting a perm is crucial because bleaching also dries out your hair. Your stylist may suggest additional items necessary to protect your curly hair. Use of heat might harm your hair and destroy the perm, so stay away from it. To avoid breakage, you should avoid further damage to bleached hair after perming it to avoid breakage. Treat your hair as though it were always curly or wavy.

Use products for curly hair. Start finger combing or use a wide-tooth comb after you shower instead of brushing your hair while it is still damp.

Use the towel to squeeze the water out of your hair as you dry it after you shower. Your curls will take shape resultantly. After that, air-dry your hair naturally.  


Should I perm my hair before or after bleaching?

If you dye your hair after perming, the color will last longer. But If you bleach your hair before getting a perm, it won’t necessarily fade, but the perm may cause your bleached hair to break and become brittle. Therefore, we suggest perming before bleaching.  

Why shouldn’t you bleach right after perming?

After perming, keep in mind that your scalp and hair are in a fragile state. If you bleach your hair right after perming, the damage could get worse, making it brittle and dry, also causing split ends or scalp itchiness. If you want to bleach or perm your hair, wait at least a week between them to make it easier on your hair and scalp.

How long after bleaching hair can I perm it?

The majority of stylists advise waiting for at least two weeks. Although all of them, including beauty tropes, agree that these two services are extremely damaging to your hair when combined. Other stylists suggest waiting up to a month. For better results, you should also opt for a proper sequence; Your must bleach your hair first. Then, color in accordance with your desire. Finally, you can perm your hair after taking a week or two off.

How long does a perm last?

Several factors influence a perm’s length, ranging from two months to a year. The length of time your perm lasts will be determined by several factors, including how well you maintain it, what you put in regular contact with it, and the quality of your perm. 

How can I get a perm without much damaging hair?

Thanks to modern styling and texturing techniques, you can achieve the look of a modern perm without suffering the same damage as a traditional one. In contrast to traditional perms, so-called express perms leave chemicals in your hair for much shorter periods. Although an express perm will only last for a short time as a traditional perm, it might be your best option if your hair is damaged. Look for a conditioning perm that incorporates hair conditioners and perm chemicals.

Final Thoughts!

You are well aware by now that bleached hair can technically be permed. However, we never suggest doing so. Both processes use chemicals on hair, which makes them risky if you don’t take extreme precautions. Your hair can easily be damaged by the chemicals used in either process.

The hair gets highly damaged by this procedure. Therefore, you should only perm your hair if it is healthy. Hair that has been bleached is no longer suitable for a perm. But still, if you are eager to get a perm done, follow the steps we’ve mentioned above to give you a safe and lasting perm. 

Lastly, before perming your bleached or dyed hair, we advise consulting a professional. You can determine whether it is the best option for you and your hair by having a straightforward consultation at a nearby hair salon.

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